Financial Health is the Foundation of A/E/C Success

Whether you are looking to stabilize, grow or pass down your business, The Curchin Group can position you to achieve your goals—now and down the road—with specialized accounting for A/E/C firms in New Jersey and the Mid-Atlantic.


General Contractors

General Contractors checking the plan map details

Which revenue recognition strategy is right for you? How can you turn receivables into cash—faster and more efficiently? What tools should you use to monitor project costs? Curchin will help answer these questions and many others surrounding cash flow, inventory, financing, insurance, payroll and personnel.


Builders / Developers

Builders and Developers looking into project details

Your relationship with your bank is prized and pivotal. In turn, you must meet the milestones attached to your financing, from groundbreaking through sales. Leverage our A/E/C accounting to assure lenders and investors that your projects will be timely, successful and profitable.


Architects & Engineers

Architects and Engineers are having discussion

Curchin serves as a project partner to architecture and engineering firms of all sizes, becoming an integral advisor in the planning phases. We speak both your language and that of builders in order to understand and achieve your objectives. Cost and profitability calculations lay the groundwork for you to deliver your services on time and on budget.


Blueprint to Better Accounting

We know the challenges you face and how to solve them. We understand the dynamics of family business. Above all, we are deeply committed to providing the level of sophistication and reliability you need in the many facets of accounting and finance, including:

  • Strategic advice and financial forecasts
  • Audit and review of financial statements
  • Professional assistance with accounting functions
  • Cash flow management and budgeting
  • Tax planning and compliance
  • Employee benefit programs
  • Bond and financing assistance
  • Advice on buy-sell agreements
  • Business valuation
  • Succession planning
  • Estate planning

Meet Your Construction Accounting Team

William C. McNamara, CPA, CCIFP Partner at Curchin

William C. McNamara, CPA, CCIFP®


Lynn A. Conover, CPA, CFBA Tax Partner at Curchin

Lynn A. Conover, CPA, CFBA
Tax Partner


Kevin P. Donovan, CPA, CCIFP Senior Audit Manager at Curchin

Kevin P. Donovan, CPA, CCIFP®
Senior Audit Manager


Experience You Can Count On

For over 60 years, Curchin has helped clients in the construction industry establish sound tax and reporting controls, thrive within a demanding business environment, and succeed into the next generation. We are significantly invested in our A/E/C practice, combining personalized service with industry-specific expertise to deliver an outstanding client experience. Curchin is a member of the following organizations:


Beyond the Ledger

See how Curchin can enhance your business strategy at every level. Trust our experts to help navigate your financial course.


Beyond the Ledger

See how Curchin can enhance your business strategy at every level. Trust our experts to help navigate your financial course.

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