Mary’s Place by the Sea

Give with Curchin in support of Mary’s Place by the Sea

The Curchin Group is rallying donations for Mary’s Place by the Sea as part of its charity spotlight series. Mary’s Place has long been doing crucial, wonderful work in our community; its ongoing efforts are even more important during these difficult times.

Mary’s Place by the Sea: Mission & History

Mary’s Place by the Sea is a nonprofit organization dedicated to supporting women with cancer by providing integrative services that complement their medical treatment and allow them to just be. It is a retreat for the mind, body, and soul.

When Mary’s Place by the Sea first opened its doors in 2009, it comprised two rented rooms in a lovely B&B at 7 Ocean Avenue in Ocean Grove, New Jersey. Co-founders Michele Gannon and Maria McKeon began contacting oncology offices and support groups, many of whom immediately believed in their vision for a place where women with cancer could come to be surrounded by love and understanding—a place where cancer is a common denominator, but not the defining attribute, and where the needs of the whole person are the focus.

Within its first year, more guests sought to stay at Mary’s Place by the Sea than the accommodations would allow. In 2011, Mary’s Place moved to 15 Broadway, a historic, four-bedroom home that could accommodate up to four women overnight.

Mary’s Place Today

In 2016, Mary’s Place by the Sea opened the doors to its new, custom-built home located two blocks from the Atlantic Ocean at 22 Main Avenue in Ocean Grove.

In this “sanctuary by the sea,” Mary’s Place can say yes to helping more women with cancer…yes to more rest and privacy, with each guest having her own room and private bath…yes to a peaceful setting with porches looking out to the ocean…yes to an elevator allowing guests to reach their rooms with ease…and yes to providing a wide range of services, including:

  • Gentle Yoga
  • Individual Counseling
  • Guided Imagery
  • Expressive Writing
  • Meditation
  • Nutrition Education
  • Oncology Massage
  • Prayer
  • Reflexology
  • Reiki/Healing Touch

It is because of the resilient women who visit Mary’s Place by the Sea that the Mary’s Place team is humbled to say yes.


Since 2009, Mary’s Place has served over 10,000 women from across the United States.

Since 2009, Mary’s Place has served over 10,000 women from across the United States


In lieu of the 2020 Curchin Open Miniature Golf Tournament for Charity, The Curchin Group is promoting local charities remotely to keep “putting” our best efforts toward the greater good, together from a distance.