Is Your Personal Information Secure?April 5, 2017

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The Internet is amazingly convenient, but with its many benefits comes a level of risk. Cyber attacks pose a constant threat to businesses and individuals alike, with “phishing” being one of the most common types of cyber crime.

What is Phishing?
Phishing gets its name from the hook-and-reel kind of fishing you do on a lake on a warm summer day – except in this case, scammers are “phishing” for your personal information by sending emails acting as a legitimate organization.

Oftentimes, a fraudulent email feels “phishy,” and most people are naturally reluctant to give out information to any party they are unsure of. However, becoming a victim of a phishing scam is as easy as clicking on a link that takes you to a phony website. When you land on the website, a virus downloads to your computer and taps into the personal information you enter on other websites.

What are the Signs of Phishing?
Phishing emails often have glaring red flags, such as:

  • Misspellings
  • An unofficial “From” address
  • An incorrect URL
  • “Urgent action required”

A phishing scam will usually ask you to do one or more of the following:

  • “Verify your account” by clicking on a link
  • Copy and paste a link into your browser
  • Download an attachment
  • Make a payment

What is Curchin Doing to Keep Your Information Safe?
As Certified Public Accountants, The Curchin Group invests in the latest cybersecurity software and products. We use an email program that encrypts and conceals emails involving sensitive information. Clients receive an email from their accounting professional alerting them that an encrypted email will be sent. The client must then log into an email portal to access the email.

If you suspect an email from Curchin to be fraudulent, or simply want to be 100% sure the email you are receiving is legitimate, don’t hesitate to forward it to your accounting professional. Even during our busiest times, keeping your information secure is part of our job.

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